Laura Hager Student Art Award

The Laura Hager Student Art Award is given in memory of Laura Hager who was an active and significant member of our League. Through this award the Doylestown Art League seeks to recognize and encourage young students in their artistic careers. One graduating student from each of the Central Bucks High Schools is selected by our judging committee to receive this annual award. The selection is based on a review of their portfolio and an assessment of their creativity, technical ability and the presentation of their work.

This year our awards procedure has been challenged by the ongoing covid situation. Rather than personally interviewing the students and reviewing their work, we have been assisted by the art teachers and guidance counselors of the CB High Schools who have made these choices on our behalf. So, many thanks to them for their help in these difficult times. Many thanks also to Robin Crowley who coordinated this awards program and who felt determined not to let the events of the day diminish our encouragement of these students in their artistic careers.

The CB Schools have recently added an Advanced Placement Studio Art Course to their curriculum. Students enrolled in the AP Studio Art course are expected to produce a portfolio demonstrating their mastery of concept, composition, color and design principles, and to the development of a body of work of their choosing. Students work both in school and at home throughout the year.

These portfolios, and questionnaires in the application for these awards, form the basis for the difficult task of selecting the students for these awards. Again we wish to congratulate these talented young students, as always the expertise shown in the work of these students is truly amazing. Here are some examples of their work drawn from their AP portfolios.

The Doylestown Art League is pleased to announce the recipients of its student art awards program:

Julianne Marchione

Central Bucks East

Julianne will be going on to Marywood University where she will be pursuing a career in Art Therapy.

Kezia Wei

Central Bucks South

Kezia will be attending The University of Toronto.

Sarah Gery

Central Bucks West

Sarah is pursuing a BFA in Art and Design from University of Michigan.

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